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About Ces McMyth

A Musical Fate

Pretty much as many other musicians' bios you'll read. "Acquainted with music since early years. Pursued his music ability playing in different bands. Always prone to composing on his own".
So there's that. However, there's also something different.
I got basic music education at 8 years old learning the organ -also learned to hate the thing for a while-. Learned to read and basics of harmony. And that was it. Then I self taught acoustic guitar and more harmony by talking to older, more sophisticated musicians during local "multi-band" gigs. Always wanted to compose for film, but I took professional education in finance and business instead. Heck! I've got an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from a top British University. Yet music never left me. 
This music grew to build a solid base for composing, that I -as every other musician in life- continue to hone constantly. 

This is what I have to offer to my clients. A different, but always matching alternative for your music needs. Most feedback I get from tutors I've worked with and composer colleagues I interact with, is that my music is original, unique and different. I allow myself the liberty of not limiting my music to the expected standards of anything. I always incorporate whatever element that might contribute to your goal. Have a listen.

I am also a fine folk songwriter. Click on the tag to find out songs for your exit credits sections, or soundtrack needs.

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